My area of teaching expertise, similar to my research, is clinical and applied. I specialize in small, upper level, advanced format courses.

Fall 2020 course:

Course Description:

The top two causes of death and chronic disease burden in Canada are cancer and cardiovascular disease. Although commonly thought of as two separate disease entities, an emerging paradigm recognizes that cancer and cardiovascular disease possess various similarities and possible interactions. The two diseases share common biological mechanisms and risk factors including inflammation, oxidative stress, obesity and smoking. Further, poor lifestyle behaviours (or lifestyle toxicity) increase the risk of development of both conditions, in addition to most other chronic diseases, and negatively affect prognosis after diagnosis. This advanced seminar-based course will discuss the intersectionality among chronic diseases, the role of lifestyle toxicity in development and prognosis as well as the role of healthy lifestyle behaviours in prevention and treatment. The primary focus will be on cardiovascular disease and cancer, but students will have opportunities to complete individual assignments on other chronic diseases. An important secondary learning outcome is the development of scientific skills including scientific presentation and discussion, giving and receiving peer-based feedback.

Winter 2021 course:

KPE 464 ‘Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription’