Exercise-based multimodal programming: A treatment gap for older adults with advanced cancer

Small SD, Bland KA, Rickard JN, Kirkham AA
Oncologist 2021; in press

Supervised, multi-modal exercise: the chemotherapy supportive therapy that almost does it all

Kirkham, AA
The Oncologist;2020;25(1):3-5

This commentary describes and places the results into context for the recent OptiTrain trial, a three‐arm randomized trial of two different exercise interventions versus usual care on rates of chemotherapy completion, hospitalization, and hematological toxicity.

Rising to the challenge: Designing, implementing, and reporting exercise oncology trials in understudied populations

Larhart IM, Weller SK, Kirkham AA
British Journal of Cancer 2020 May 21. doi: 10.1038/s41416-020-0868-9

Exercise can improve cancer-related fatigue, quality of life and physical fitness, but is understudied in less common cancers such as multiple myeloma. Studying less common cancers and the adoption of novel study designs and open-science practices would improve the generalisability, transparency, rigour, credibility and reproducibility of exercise oncology research.

Does cancer affect cardiac function prior to cancer therapy exposure?

Kirkham AA, Pituskin E, Paterson DI.
Canadian Journal of Cardiology 2018; 34(3):234-5