Funded positions are available for domestic (Canadian) MSc and domestic or international PhD students within the lab of Dr. Amy Kirkham in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, at the University of Toronto. Candidates with backgrounds in exercise, nutrition, human physiology, public health, medicine, cardiology, oncology, ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging are invited to apply. Candidates at the PhD level require human research experience. Experience (research, volunteer, or work) with patient populations or older adults is required for all applicants. Licencing as a clinical exercise physiologist or registered dietitian is an asset.

Interested students should complete this form in lieu of emailing Dr. Kirkham. Only the top candidates will be contacted for an interview. Apply before November 30, 2022 for the best chance of receiving an interview.

Selected candidates will then be asked to apply to the University of Toronto for admission. Deadlines for applications for admission are January/February 2023 for September 2023 start.

The Kirkham Lab

The Kirkham lab offers exceptional training opportunities focused on multi-disciplinary women’s health.  We are interested in understanding, treating and improving the cardiometabolic health of women with cancer (primary focus), cardiovascular diseases, or metabolic diseases. Assessment techniques include magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, blood biomarker assessment, body composition assessment, and real-time biosensors (e.g., Fitbit trackers or smart scales, continuous glucose monitors). Interventional approaches include acute and chronic exercise, novel nutritional strategies (e.g., caloric restriction, time-restricted eating/intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, healthy eating practices), and multimodal cardiac rehabilitation. Our research approaches include gold standard clinical trials, implementation and effectiveness studies, basic sciences, and epidemiology.

All projects in the lab follow a strong “team science” approach involving various trainees (undergraduate to doctoral) and both clinical (especially oncology and cardiology) and academic collaborators. Opportunities to lead publications and to assist with grant writing will be provided and encouraged.

The University of Toronto

Located in Canada’s most vibrant and culturally diverse city, the University of Toronto is consistently ranked among the world’s best research universities. The location, size and diversity provide unique opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

The Kirkham lab is located in the Goldring Centre for High Performance on Bloor St in downtown Toronto. This award-winning building was completed in 2014 and houses cutting-edge research and teaching labs, a strength and conditioning centre, a state-of-the-art sports medicine clinic and a 2000-seat basketball and volleyball field house.

More information about the Kinesiology & Physical Education graduate program can be found here.

Additional specializations or affiliations are available for selected student interests including:

The University of Toronto Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Specialization

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute research arm (cardiac rehabilitation)

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